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Want to catch a trophy trout in New Zealand?

 Ron Giles, author of four best selling fishing books, will help you to get that memorable catch.
 Not only with advice on trout fishing, flyfishing and sea fishing but also on how to find the best troutfishing spots in New Zealand.
 And now a range of ebooks is available that you can take with you anywhere on your phone, ipad, Kindle or notebook.

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Easy to read books for all anglers from beginners to experts

All you will need to go fly fishing in New Zealand

Flyfishing New Zealand - North Island cover (2)(copy)

Flyfishing New Zealand - North Island

This ebook is a collection of chapters on North Island troutfishing from Ron's hard copy book: Catch That Trout (now out of print). It has 212 pages with full colour photos (black & white for e-readers). There are 16 rivers and lakes covered in detail with access and directions plus the best technique to use on that particular water. If you are intending to fish the wonderful waters of the North Island of New Zealand, this ebook will tell you how to catch more trout and bigger trout as well.

The ebook is available for a range of e-readers via Amazon Kindle. The Buy Now button will take you through to Amazon where you can buy the ebook through their seamless process.


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Fishing for Trout - 101 Flyfishing Secrets

This 145 page ebook is a collection of the 101 best techniques for flyfishing for trout. With this book, you will be prepared for those hard days when the fishing is tough and nothing you seem to do will entice the fish to take a fly. Try a new technique and your chances of hooking a big trout will soar.
The techniques can be used on any trout fishing water as they have been developed from Ron's experience fishing trout waters around the world. So the 101 secrets include the latest techniques for catching trout, as used in Europe, USA, Canada and, of course, New Zealand.
These are proven techniques, with many being garnered from expert flyfishers who have demonstrated their technique to Ron and shown how it should be used.


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Amazon 101(copy)(copy)
Flyfishing NZ cover(copy)

Fishing for Trout - Flyfishing New Zealand

This ebook is based on Ron's most successful troutfishing book - Hooked on Trout. It contains 16 chapters; 6 rivers in the North Island and 10 rivers in the South Island, with 152 information-packed pages. This is the original 'where to, how to' book with precise information on where to fish plus the best technique to use on that river. Colour photos are included for those reading on devices that can show them so you can see how beautiful your surroundings will be in pristine New Zealand.

Buy the ebook and start planning that once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip to New Zealand. You can even load the ebook on your phone and take it to the river!


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I have just finished your excellent book. I have to say that I was very impressed with the way it was so easy to read and digest. It was right up there with Tony Orman's "Trout on A Nymph".
Mark Jackson, NZ
I picked up a copy of your excellent book and loved it. I think the format of combining river descriptions with various techniques and tips is a great idea - well done! Look forward to your next book.
Gordon Whittington , USA

Fishing for Trout
With the Nymph

Nymph cover(copy)

Become an expert nymphing flyfisher - 31 proven nymphing techniques

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Flyfishing New Zealand
The Top 20 Trout Flies

20 Trout flies cover

Flyfishing New Zealand? You need to know the most successful flies.

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Troutfishing New Zealand
Upper South Island

Upper South Island cover(copy)

12 of the best troutfishing waters in the upper South Island of NZ.

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Troutfishing New Zealand
Lower South Island

Lower South Island cover(copy)

12 of the best troutfishing waters in the lower South Island of NZ.

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